PHILOSOPHY AS ARCHITECTURE AS PHILOSOPHYOrganic Architecture Northwest on Whidbey Island, Washington

It is all about making something which is totally appropriate in character, fit, size, shape, color, and scale. Combining short and long term cost considerations and energy efficiencies, responsive to available materials and labor [particularly local], with the interior spaces carefuly modeled in scale and proportion, light both natural and artificial treated as not only a necessity but an artistic medium. Overall to create a work of pleasing function as well as art, with rhythm and harmony, warmth and charm, dignity and relevance, color and texture, a blending of natural and human made materials, with a human scale to all. Each and every part related to the other parts and to the whole such that it has the integrity of wholeness. All of one piece.

BACKGROUND in a nutshell: Origin: a farm in NE rural Connecticut. College: U. of Chicago Great Books Program. Apprenticeship: five years directly with Frank Lloyd Wright. Advanced apprenticeship: eleven years with Taliesin Associated Architects [the continuation of the Office of FLW]. Practice: Since 1970 in the Seattle area, including Lopez Island. Interludes: [projects in other localities]. One year in Iran. Four years in Fairbanks. One year return to the FLW Foundation. Three years in Ashland OR. One year in Marin County CA. Currently based on South Whidbey Island WA.

PROJECT TYPES Land Steward Planning & Design (including farms) Town & Village Planning & Design Campus Planning & Design Schools, Libraries, Places for Performing Arts, Movie Theaters (A-V) Churches Museums & Galleries Restaurants Natatoriums Bridges (any size - bigger the better).

Shopping Centers Office Towers Multi-family dwellings (including apartments and townhouses) Group Homes & Co-op housing Motels & Hotels Custom Houses, Prefabricated houses, Cottages & Cabins. Have a variety of stock plans.

Product design Graphics Art Glass panels & Windows Grave markers & Monuments Waiting shelters Hybrid woodstove/fireplaces with special chimneys & spark arrestor caps Crossflow wind turbines to be incorporated in or on buildings of many types Towers for Crossflow wind turbines Storage systems for wind energy.

With associates depending on type of project and location.

Architect John Underhill Ottenheimer, Organic Architecture NorthwestIn fact, design of almost anything ethical.

[Drawing of U. of Alaska Fairbanks School of Art, Craft, & Design, including Architecture. May not be reproduced without permission.]